Each Sunday from 9:15-10:15 AM, Immanuel provides Sunday School classes for preschoolers, children, youth, and adults.

Director: Betty Kay Wasserman
Rotating Teachers: Cindy Lutz and Laurie Woods

Room 2402
Director: Debbie Maxwell
Teacher: Jill Cooper

1st-3rd Graders
Room 2311
Teachers: Grover Baker and Melanie Dover

4th-6th Graders
Room 2313
Director: Patty Littlejohn
Teachers: Jeanie Reynolds and Carol Boozer

Immanuel Youth
Room 2310
Teacher: Chris Dean

Young Professionals Class     
(Coed, 18 and up)     
Room 2205
Teachers: Steve and Miriam Tate
Outreach: Ellen Mundy

Young Families Class
(Coed, 25 and up)
Room 2209     
Teachers: Craig Self
Outreach: Lissa Jarnigan

Friendship II Class
(coed, 50 and up)     
Room 2207     
Teacher: Kenny Cooper     
Outreach: Georgina Businaro, Susan Hawkins, and Betty Kay Wasserman

Mills Class     
(coed, 50 and up)     
Room 2308     
Director/Outreach: Suzanne Brandon     
Rotating Teachers: David George, Don Jones, Steven Meriwether, and Tim Reynolds

Grigsby Class     
(Women, 65 & up)     
Room 1320     
Rotating Teachers: Marie Burr, Lerma Hearn, and Barbara Lutz  
Outreach: Judy Parker

Babies-Toddlers Sunday School Class
K-3rd Grade Sunday School