The Weather Report NOVEMBER 2017

As I walked to my truck early Monday morning I noticed the first heavy frost of the season. Quietly it covered the roof top as I slept warmly. The way frost freezes water without destroying it occupied my thoughts as I made my way down the drive.
The anticipated autumn coloring of the trees will sharpen with the onset of the cold. This will initiate the harvest of the last fruits of summer and the stacking of hay in the barn. The arrival of the month of November ushers us onto a landscape of gratitude.
Together, we will express gratitude to our Creator for the copious provisions in our lives. A warm and dry place to sleep during the winter can be found on most inventories of thankfulness. Sleeping outdoors is not for the fainthearted. So often is the case with heartfelt gratitude, when expressed, it has a tendency to direct us toward others.
In January of 2018, a group of six will return to Cabaret, Haiti and work alongside the Joseph School. You will recall that a group of five traveled to Cabaret this past January and by the grace of God, accomplished many things. You may observe one in the photograph accompanying this article. A house for the Tolerme family was built.
Again we desire to build a cinder block house for a Haitian family. Construction of the new Joseph School facility has displaced some local people living on the land in humble dwellings. The cost of the project is $5,000. A generous gift from former members of Immanuel Baptist Church has us one-fifth of the way to realizing the construction costs. 
Perhaps traveling to Haiti is not doable for you, but you desire to be involved in this ministry. Join me in making a gift to cover the costs of the new house. You may contribute through the offering or church office with a check marked “House in Haiti” on the memo line. Our goal is to raise the funds by Thanksgiving so that the materials for construction may be purchased in anticipation of our mission team’s arrival January 22.
According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus frequently slept beneath the stars. On one occasion, Jesus told a pedigreed, would be follower that he would struggle to keep up. “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”1 Outdoors with no shelter is never easy. Let us give thanks to God for all God’s goodness and make it possible for a family in Cabaret, Haiti to have a dry place to lay their heads at night.  —Steven
1Matthew 8.20.