Coming This Sunday

“Psalm 13 is a short and simple prayer for help written for worship.  One hears the worshipper’s struggle.  The fear of breaking down under the strain is real.  The worshipper discovers something anew re endurance.  Hope does not rest at the end of the trouble, but in the very midst of it.  Join me Sunday as we explore the very stuff of prayer.”


“Church is a great place to do all sorts of things. It really rocks. I love it.” - Steven Meriwether


Several have asked what I am doing on the farm this time of year. There is nothing to pick or cut for market. There is no planting The ground has frozen, thawed, and frozen again. This is good for plowed ground, though. It will be malleable when tilled for spring planting. There is plenty to do in the meantime. The focus this winter has been cleaning out a stretch...


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