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Coming This Week Nov. 6

November 6, 2011: A friend says that whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay attention to them.  In Luke’s version of the beatitudes Jesus blesses those who weep now, for they shall laugh.  How often it is that tears interrupt laughter and laughter stifles tears.  Join me this All Saints Sunday and explore the good news Jesus promises, that the worst, returns to laughter. —Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday

Sunday, October 30: Applying Christian belief to moral issues is very hard work. I think this in part explains why preachers seldom preach on them. Another explanation is our concern that the moral scales meant to weigh our problems are inadequate or will break under the strain. Unfortunately the Christian witness is absent from public discourse. This Sunday I will take up the issue of Abortion. Join me as we explore what the Christian witness might be. —Pastor Steven

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Coming on Sunday, October 23

Sunday, October 23: The death of Moses is recorded in the last chapter of Deuteronomy. The plae is atop Mount Nebo. There Moses views Israel's future territory. Previously God had decreed that the leader of the Hebrew people would not enter the land. The severity of the ban was softened by God's caring act of personally laying Moses in the ground. Join me Sunday as we explore this beautifully written chapter. —Pastor Steven

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Sun, 10/09/2011

The Weather Report

Another birthday has come and gone. A curious friend wishing me a happy one asked, “What time of day were you born?” She asked as if she had already guessed an answer. I replied, “3:30 o’clock AM.” “Your poor mother,” she sighed, as though the inconvenience of my early arrival explained something about me to her.


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