Coming This Sunday, May 20

May 20, 2012: In Scripture, it is given to God to read the human heart.  This was first evidenced with Pharaoh.  One might say that the Egyptian ruler died of heart trouble.  The Greek from which we get our word “cardiologist” appears twice in the Book of Acts.  The first is in our suggested reading for this Sunday.  With the death of Judas the circle of the Twelve is splintered.  Jesus has ascended into heaven and the disciples gather to mend the breach.

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Coming This Sunday, May 13

May 13: This coming Sunday we will continue in John 15.  As the “True Vine” Jesus gives us vitality.  He invites us to “stay with him.”  Two benefits of such abiding include answered prayer and fruitfulness.  Such benefits bring joy.  Jesus frames the second portion of John 15.1-17 repeating the same command: “Love one another as I have  loved you.”  Join me Sunday as we consider his invitation to stay.  He all but says that by staying we will learn something of his truth.  —Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday, May 6

May 6: In our gospel lesson this Sunday we find the seventh of seven “I am” sayings of Jesus unique to John.  These sayings do not reveal the essence of Jesus; he is not bread any more than he is light.  Instead, these sayings reveal his dealing with us.  As “bread of life” he nourishes.  As “light of the world” he illuminates our darkness.  What might Jesus do for us as “the true vine”?  Join me Sunday as we explore Jesus’ offer for staying alive, fully. —Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday, April 22

April 29: Many voices vie for our attention. The voice of the good shepherd also calls to us, beckoning us to follow, inviting us to experience abundant life. Join us this Sunday as we examine John 10:1-18 and listen together for the shepherd's voice.  —Pastor Tambi

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Quote of the Week

April 22: Like nations and communities, individuals get little extra happiness as they get richer.  Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount talking about happiness.  Toward the latter part of the sermon he speaks of treasure.  The decision to be made is whether to store up treasures on earth or treasures in heaven.  He hits the nail on the head when he concludes, “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.”  Join me on Commitment Sunday as we explore the way to buy happiness. —Pastor Steven


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