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Coming This Sunday, June 17

June 17: A “weed” is a plant out of place. Take the morning glory. It is a good seed to use when teaching children to plant. It germinates and grows quickly and ends with a colorful flower. But place the morning glory in your vegetable garden and you have a menace. In the parable of the Tares among the Wheat, Jesus says some dramatic stuff. Good seed grows alongside of bad seed. In the story the sower instructs his hired hands “not” to pull up the undesired plants. Join me this Sunday as we explore this parable and its meaning.

Coming This Sunday, June 10

June 10: The Parable of the Mustard Seed is about beginnings, small ones.  In other parables Jesus underscores the certain victory of the kingdom of heaven despite obstacles, i.e. hard ground, rocky ground and thorny ground.  In the Mustard Seed Jesus shifts his focus to humble beginnings.  Imagine a seed falling in the crack of a wall.  The roots of the tree that follow from it can move concrete.  Join me Sunday as we explore the potential of a single see of God’s word falling into the human heart. -Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday, June 3

June 3, 2012: Jesus told parables.  These stories relied upon the capacity of his audience to know certain things.  In the Parable of the Seed and the Soils he assumed his audience would have known that seed were broadcast by hand and did best in tilled ground.  Then he moved them to what they could know under the impetus of his grace.  Join me Sunday as we reckon with the Word. -Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday, May 27

May 27: At his departure, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit.  The Greek word is Paraclete.  English translations include “Comforter” and “Counselor.”  In short, the Paraclete is the presence of the absent Jesus.  In the gospel lesson for this Sunday the Paraclete’s action is captured by a verb which means “to bring to light, expose” and “to convict someone  of something.”  Join me Sunday as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, as fresh today as at Pentcost  long ago. —Pastor Steven

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