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Sun, 08/19/2012

Coming This Sunday, August 19

August 19: It has been said that Biblical fathers and mothers were often lucky with God, but unlucky with their sons.  Take David, who had eighteen of them.  Absalom, the handsome daredevil that he was, knowingly breaks his father’s heart.  David’s attempt to save his son and the grief at having failed are at the heart of our text for this Sunday. —Pastor Steven

Coming This Sunday, August 12

August 12: Nathan’s parable of the poor man and his ewe lamb is legendary.  It is the only mentioning of anyone having a pet in the Bible.  David had prior moral knowledge, i.e. he knew the theft of the lamb was wrong.  The prophet used the story to paint the king a picture.  Moral knowledge had failed to guide David.  More general knowledge about doing good is not the remedy.  Nathan’s parable is world shattering.

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Sun, 08/12/2012

Coming This Sunday, August 5

August 5: David is the dominant figure in the story of Israel.  Israel adored David like no other king she ever had.  His memory is alive and well at the time of Jesus.  A blind beggar sitting on the Jericho road yelled out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.”  This revered figure in Judaism had feet of clay like the rest of us.  This Sunday we begin a four-part series on the interiority of this extraordinary figure.  We begin with David’s adultery with Bathsheba. —Pastor Steven

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Coming This Sunday, July 29

July 29: As we bring our series on the lesser known apostles to a close, John, the disciple whom Jesus loved is our focus.  Compared to the three previous apostles, the New Testament provides several vignettes that open up the interiority of this one who followed Jesus.  Ambitious, intolerant and quick tempered are three characteristics of this disciple.  At the cross, Jesus looked down and spotted this disciple and his mother.

Coming This Sunday, July 22

July 22: The third in our lesser known disciple series is James the son of Alphaeus.  Of the twelve we have the least material on him, earning him the sobriquet “James the lesser.”  Interestingly he has become the symbol for a silent majority of believers who live admirably and receive no recognition.  One link for us to this disciple is learning to minister in an unassuming way.  Join  me this Sunday as we explore one of the first to follow Jesus named James.


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