Boulevard Bolt

Immanuel Baptist Church congregants have been cooperating with The Temple and St. George's congregations for 22 years to raise money for agencies in Nashville that assist the homeless of our city.  Episcopalians, Baptists, and Jews have been working shoulder to shoulder to make it possible to raise more than $2 million dollars over 21 years. Each year the steering committee - all volunteers - work to raise corporate sponsorship to cover the expenses of the race. This way, every dollar raised through registration goes to the recipient agencies.


There are many ways you can be a part of Boulevard Bolt 2015.


1) Register yourself and your family. Whether you plan to participate in the run/walk event, you can register and your fees become a donation to the overall cause. Of course, you are welcome to come and walk/run and bring your family once you’ve registered. Whether you participate or not, all registered people can claim a t-shirt.  (For information how to register online or by mail, see


2) You can volunteer for race week, even if you aren’t available on Thanksgiving morning. To volunteer for race week work and/or Thanksgiving morning, please sign up at church or contact Abigail Reynolds at


3) Think about serving on the Steering Committee in future years. And if you have leads on corporate sponsorships, please let someone on the Steering Committee know. This year’s Steering Committee members from Immanuel are: Brandon Jarnigan, Abigail Reynolds and Judy Skeen.