Deacons and Church Officers for May 2015-April 2016

On Sunday, April 12, the following individuals were elected to serve our community of faith as officers for the 2015-2016 year: 
Directors: Charles Businaro, Sue Chilton, Melanie Dover, Elton Hinshaw, Claude Huguley, Barbara Lutz, Larry Maxwell
Treasurer: Don Jones
Clerk: Pat Vick
Senior Adult Directors - Pat & Beryl Vick
Associational Representative: Kenny Cooper
Parliamentarian: Jon Cooper
Alternate Parliamentarian: Kenny Cooper
Church Historian: Charles Businaro

The following individuals will be serving as deacons for the 2015-2016 year: Charles Businaro (chair), Georgina Businaro, Jimmy Conn (vice chair), Melanie Dover, Frank Marshall, Larry Maxwell, Abigail Reynolds, Jeanie Reynolds, Tim Reynolds, Miriam Tate, Ed Wasserman, Laurie Woods (secretary).