Bible Study Options

Did you know that Immanuel offers nine small group Bible study options each Sunday morning from 9:15-10:15 a.m.? Check out the Sunday School options for this fall:

Joy Class (women, 70 and up)

Teacher: ­­Shirley Montgomery
Location: Heritage Room
Curriculum: LifeWay Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults
Grigsby Class (women, 50 and up)
Teachers: Lerma Hearn, Barbara Lutz, Marie Burr
Outreach: Judy Parker
Location: Room 1320
Curriculum: Smyth & Helwys Uniform Adult Bible Study Series
Grace Class (coed, 50 and up)
Teachers: Ray Scott and Tim Reynolds
Outreach: Barbara Mitchell
Location: Room 2312
Curriculum: Smyth & Helwys Uniform Adult Bible Study Series
Mills Class (coed, 50 and up)
Director: LaNieve Coles
Teachers: John Brandon, Don Jones, Steven Meriwether
Outreach: LaNieve Coles and Jane Hinshaw
Location: Room 2205
Curriculum: Baptists Today: Nurturing Faith
Friendship II Class (coed, 50 and up)
Teacher: Kenny Cooper
Outreach: Betty Kay Wasserman and Susan Hawkins
Curriculum: Lectionary Texts
Location: Room 2207
Jolley Class (coed, 30 and up)
Teacher: Mark Vick
Location: Room 2308
Curriculum: Self-selected studies
Young Families Class (coed, 22 and up)
Directors: Jon and Jill Cooper
Teachers: David and Judi Hayes
Outreach: Sarah Wilkerson

Location: Room 2209
Curriculum: LifeWay: Explore the Bible Series

Detour Class (coed, 18 and up)
Teacher: Claude Huguley
Outreach: John Blackman

Location: Room 2204
Curriculum: Lectionary Texts
Young Professionals Class (coed, 18 and up)
Teacher: Greg Sharpe
Outreach: Stephanie Self & Ellen Mundy
Location: Room 2309
Curriculum: Self-selected studies