Youth Passport Report

The Immanuel Youth hope you will join them in the Chapel on Wednesday, August 17, at 6:15 p.m. when they will be sharing about their experiences from Passport Choices Camp this summer. In case you missed the article in the August edition of The Immanuel Light about Passport written by two of our students, check it out:


Living the Wild Life at Passport Choices
At this very moment, we are sitting in the church van driving home from Greensboro, North Carolina, after an exhilarating week at Passport Youth Camp. This year our theme was “This Wild Life,” based on the poem “A Summer’s Day” by Mary Oliver. We explored God’s Word and learned to appreciate how our differences bring us together.
We will attempt to give you a sense of our daily routine. In the mornings, we woke up at 7:00 a.m. and made our way to the cafeteria by 8:00 a.m. The breakfast was good . . . for the most part. We like to compare the turkey bacon to the pork chops at Passport Kids Camp - impossible to chew! After breakfast, we went to morning devotion. During this half hour of individual devotions, we were introduced to the verse of the day and provided with some thought-provoking questions that prepared us for what we would learn that day. Next, we headed to morning celebration. This time got us energized and excited for the day. We bounced around beach balls, danced to the “energizers,” and did repeat-after-me songs. Then we went to Bible study, where we explored our theme for the day and participated in fun activities. 
After Bible study, we went to eat lunch (sandwiches) with our Choices group outside on the lawn. In our youth group, we had a big variety of Choice selections. Donny, Olivia, and Stephanie participated in Missions. They went to the Nehemiah Center, where they helped with a summer enrichment program based on STEM tutoring for underprivileged children. Emily, Grace, and Peter were in Common Threads. This Choice was centered around celebrating and learning more about cultural difference and similarities. They visited a mosque where they witnessed a worship service, and they went to an international market where they searched for unusual foods in a scavenger hunt. Sebastian and Sophia were in High Rise, a Choice exclusively for middle school students. They interviewed chaperones and counselors and explored what they could do with their talents. Josiah was in World Play. Each day they learned about a different country by playing games. he learns about Uganda by making and playing with soccer balls, Nicaragua by playing baseball, Japan through sumo-wrestling, and India through playing cricket.
After Choices and some free time, we went to dinner. Then we went to our evening activity: Rec Party, a wild West dance, and a variety show. Next, we went to worship. We sang songs, did guide prayers, and some of us helped lead worship. Pastor Amyu’s preaching was really engaging, as she was able to connect with us over things such as snapchat and Pillow Pets. After the service, we went to church group devotions and debriefed the day. Finally, we went to bed around 11:00 p.m.
Throughout this trip, we have learned to make the most of every minute we have in our wild and precious lives.
Emily Cooper and Olivia Leu