State Missions Offering

Missions is the heartbeat of the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Immanuel Baptist Church shares the Tennessee CBF's commitment to serve “the least of these,” so during the month of April we are encouraging our congregation to make a donation to support Tennessee CBF's state missions offering. Since the offering began over ten years ago, congregations and individuals across Tennessee have given over a quarter-million dollars to designated mission and ministry projects across the state and beyond. 

The Elizabeth Richards Missions Offering is named in honor of Elizabeth Richards, retired CBF field personnel from Tennessee. Elizabeth served as a missionary in the Middle East for 16 years. For nine of those years, she served in a traditional healthcare setting – working in a chest disease hospital serving the Bedouin. Later she worked in a micro-enterprise setting in the Middle East that employed and served the unreached and those marginalized by society, mostly employees disabled or disadvantaged in some way. We desire to emulate Elizabeth’s compassion and sacrificial spirit through the ministries funded by this offering.

The statewide goal for 2017-2018 is $27,000. When you invest in the Elizabeth Richards Missions Offering, you invest in the following ministries:

Samaritan Ministry, Knoxville — $5,000
Neverfail Community Church, Sparta — $5,000
Mission Grants — $11,000
Regional Ministries — $6,000

Immanuel has received three mission grants from Tennessee CBF in recent years to support our ministry to refugees in the Nashville area.

Our Children on Mission have placed special envelopes for the Elizabeth Richars Missions Offering in the pew racks. Please take one and give generously to support missions in Tennessee.