Deacon Nomination Period is Underway

The three-week period for nominating deacons to replace those completing their current terms is underway. All Immanuel members have the opportunty to nominate up to five members to serve as deacons beginning May 1, 2016. A list of members who meet the five requirements for eligibilty as specified in the church bylaws (see below) has been provided to the congregation. Currently active deacons and honorary deacons are not eligible for nomination. 

Nomination forms are available on the table outside the church office. After choosing one to five names, place the form in one of the envelopes provided with the forms. The envelope must be sealed and signed and placed in the collection box. The deadline for submitting nominations is noon on Sunday, February 14. 



Eligibility and Qualification of Deacons. To be eligible for service as a deacon of Immanuel Baptist Church, persons at the time the deacon ballots are distributed pursuant to Article V, Section 2 of these bylaws shall: (1) be a resident member of Immanuel Baptist Church; (2) be at least twenty-five years of age; (3) have been a member of Immanuel Baptist Church for at least one year; (4) have actively participated in the life of the church, by being a member of a church committee or being elected to a church office (i.e., treasurer, Sunday School teacher, etc.), at some point within the three years pre- ceding their nomination; and (5) have financially supported the church, either personally or through their family giving unit, during each year of their membership or during each of the three years pre- ceding their nomination, whichever period of time is shorter. Deacons should reflect those qualities that the church expects of its members including regular church attendance and financial support of the church. Persons nominated to serve as deacons should also agree to commit their time to serve a deacon care group, to attend deacons’ meetings regularly, and to study carefully the teachings of scripture before agreeing to serve. They also should examine the church covenant as an expression of what the church calls each of its members to be and to do.